Christmas Gift Ideas For Tech Heads

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas for that tech-savvy guy or gal in your life?

You know the person we’re talking about. They’re the ones sporting the latest model iPhone paired with the matching watch that does everything except the wash the dishes. Connected to multiple other devices (think iPad, Macbook) and all backed up to the most impressive (and complex looking) home office computer and entertainment system you’ve ever laid eyes on.

They’re the ones who know the next best thing before you’ve even heard about the last best thing (or the one before that) and are self-confessed ‘gadget geeks’ who own just about every ‘latest and greatest gadget’ on the market. These are the people who are so up-to-date with the latest technological trends that finding a gift to knock their socks off (that isn’t socks) seems almost as challenging as navigating supermarket shopping aisles at this time of year. But never fear, we’ve found two must-have Christmas gifts for the 2016 tech-head to make your life simpler.

Run, don’t walk. This is not a drill.

Brydge – the Keyboard for your iPad

The iconic iPad redefined mobile computing when it hit the scene in 2010. It was a game-changer that forever altered the way we learn, work and play. But there’s always been something missing. The natural limitation of the iPad tablet has always been the on-screen typing experience… frankly, it’s just so 2010.

thumbnail-1Enter Brydge.

Through innovative technology, stunning design (and super smarts), we finally have the one thing we’ve all needed to get the most out of our iPad tablet – a beautiful keyboard designed just for the iPad, to give us next level mobile productivity and style.

From Kickstarter campaign to number one gadget on Christmas wish lists around the world, the Brydge keyboard recognises that we all want the functionality of the iPad, with the productivity of a laptop – without the MacBook cost. The Brydge range of premium keyboards provides the perfect balance between the iPad and the MacBook to give you just that.

The Brydge keyboards extend the functionality of the iPad by providing a keyboard solution that creates the look, feel and usability of a touch-screen laptop – without the price tag.

We’re sold! To add that little extra something, why not bundle up with these beautifully designed leather covers? Stylish and safe…the ultimate package.

Bryde iPad Keyboard

Harman Kardon
Onyx Studio 3 Portable Speaker

Got epic plans for hosting New Year’s Eve at home, but the sound system letting you down? Fret no more. Give the gift of incredible, wireless surround sound with the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 portable speaker. You can put the sounds of the (formerly) Clipsal 500 to shame with this bad boy.


Crisp highs and deep lows reads impressively, but sounds even better. With up to 5 hours of playtime and a rechargeable battery, you can even connect multiple Harman Kardon Dual Sound enabled speakers together to really get the party started.


Most importantly, they look a bit sexy. You can’t ask for much more for Christmas than that surely? Imagine streaming Dreaming of a White Christmas while sipping Daiquiris on the deck of your yacht. Or alternatively, set it up on the jetty to drown out the noise of your screaming kids as you drop a fishing line, shack side in Mannum. Either way, you will earn the brownie points this Christmas if you give the gift of sound. Good taste in music not included.

Harman Kardon

For more fantastic gift ideas, visit our website for gift giving nirvana this Christmas. Rest easily in the smuggery of knowing that you have chosen well and bask in the glory of the adulation you’ll be sure to receive from the tech-geek in your life.

To order or discuss your tech needs, give one of our friendly team a call, as a valued client we may have some special Christmas pricing for you.

Happy Christmas from the team at Wireless Communications!


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