Ad-Hoc Support Services

How does our Ad-hoc IT Support Service work?…

For some businesses, ad-hoc support is a great option.

Ad-hoc simply means ‘as needed’ – so you only pay for what you need, when you need it!

With our ad-hoc services, you have access to the expertise, skills and resources of our experienced team without the need to enter into a managed services contract.

Our Ad-hoc services are billed in blocks or as a cheaper alternative can be purchased as ‘pre-paid package’

Through our ad-hoc IT Support services we provide the following:


Here’s a breakdown of our Ad-hoc Services…

We are here to help with a full range of IT & telecommunication support services, including (but not limited to):

• Server Failure and Outages

• Network /Server Performance Issues

• Active Directory Issues

• Hardware Issues

• Network upgrades and installations

• Telecommunications
(telephone system/mobility support)

• Desktop Hardware and Application Issues

• Cybersecurity Breaches & Data Loss

• Emergency Disaster Recovery

• New Service/Equipment Setup and Installation

What sets us apart…

The Wireless Communications Team are a fully Enterprise Accredited Telstra Partner and hold numerous ICT industry accreditations.

Our expertise and attention to detail will ensure you have an enjoyable and professional experience.

Wireless Communications has national coverage with Head Office located in Adelaide.


As a nationally accredited Telstra Channel Partner, we offer a suite of Telstra’s cutting-edge services


 As Adelaide’s largest and most trusted Telecommunications Partner, our clients know that we take their business seriously.


Highly trained and expert staff with years of experience in the IT & Telecommunications industry

Don’t rule out our Managed Services yet…

Many existing clients have switched from our ‘Ad-hoc IT Support Service’ to a ‘Managed Services Solution’
to ensure peace of mind that proactive maintenance & preventative upkeep is frequently undertaken.

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