Telstra Business Partner of the Year 2016: Wireless Communications

The Wireless Communications Team

Telstra Business Partner of the Year 2016: Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications has been named the 2016 Telstra Business Partner of the Year nationally, in recognition of their approach to expert, tailored ICT solutions for business.

Wireless Communications, based in Adelaide, South Australia, was named ahead of telecommunications businesses right around Australia, an achievement General Manager Nathan Freeman says reinforces their approach to customer-centred service.

“This award gives us the confidence that we are doing all the right things to provide the best service in Australia for our clients,” he says.

“While we are proud to be named the best in the nation, we are particularly proud for our clients – they are the ones who reap the benefits of this award. This award tells us that our customers are being given the best telecommunications solutions and service in Australia, to help them get on with doing the best business they can with the best communications support in the country.

“We thank and congratulate our customers for trusting us with their business telecommunications needs.

“Congratulations also to the entire team at Wireless Communications for working tirelessly for our clients, day-in, day-out.”