Cloud Based Solutions

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Wireless Communications can confidently migrate full or part business networks to the Cloud quickly and securely via Telstra’s Cloud Services.

We can talk you through the best options for your business from planning and implementation to operations and optimization ensuring you experience minimal downtime because we know business networks uptime is essential.


We offer a Hybrid Cloud service that allows you to put a selection of existing IT infrastructure (storage and email) in the cloud while the remainder lives onsite. This allows you to enjoy the costs savings and benefits of the cloud where it makes sense.


This is where all applications and data are put into the cloud and accessed through laptops, desktops, mobile devices available anytime anywhere via the internet.

Why Consider the Cloud?

A simple way to optimise your infrastructure that will rapidly accelerate your business…


An affordable business IT solution that provides the ability to efficiently and immediately scale up or down to changing business needs without the burden of oversized, undersized or out – dated physical infrastructure.


A secure and robust data storage system that absolves your business of risks associated with an on-site server (like theft, fire, flood). All data is backed-up in Australia and it is automatically updated to the latest technology and software versions.


A business IT solution that frees up investment into expensive hardware that depreciates, and requires ongoing maintenance and replacement. Because it’s a subscription service you only pay for what you actually need –rent from the cloud instead.

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