Cybercrime is on the rise and becoming more sophisticated by the day. Constant changes in attack types and tactics requires IT professionals to prepare themselves to always be ahead of the game.
Whether it’s a ransomware family, crypto-jacking malware, phishing campaign, targeted attack, exploiting an infrastructural vulnerability, or another cyber threat – organisations must be prepared to defend against something new at all times.

It is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but instead critical, for organisations to deploy progressive security strategies along with enabling multi-path WAN to improve business efficiency and performance.

Wireless Communications has partnered with Fortinet to provide top-rated network & content security, as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric. Some of Fortinet’s key products include FortiGate, SD-WAN, FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer.


“Wireless Communications assisted Badge Constructions with the deployment of Fortinet to our 5 Head Office sites. They provided us with a test and implementation plan so we could stand up our 60 or so branch sites and assisted with the implementation at the first couple. The rollout was successful and the team at Wireless were professional and easy to work with.”

Bruno Degasperis
-ICT Manager-

Badge Construction

“Wireless Communications recently worked with us on the redesign of our WAN, which involved the installation of new data links across our 8 branch sites and two data centres. Wireless also provided our FortiGate equipment and the technical expertise for the initial Fortigate configurations. Their consultancy and technical support ensured the project was successful and ran smoothly.”

Ben Stephenson
-Executive Manager-

Technology and Data at Police Credit Union SA & NT

“Wireless Communications assisted Southern Cross Care with the rollout of our new Fortinet SDWAN solution to 33 sites. The Wireless Team Project Managed the installation and cutovers and ensured a seamless implementation of the new solution. The rollout was successful and the team at Wireless was professional, proactive, and easy to work with.”

Chris Balogi
-Head of ICT and Business Transformationr-

Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) Inc

The firewall platform ‘FortiGate‘ is available in a wide range of sizes and form factors to fit any environment and provides a broad array of next-generation security and networking functions.
Fortinet delivers both physical and virtualised security appliances to secure unique data planes, including:


( FortiGate SD-WAN )

FortiGate SD-WAN replaces separate WAN routers, WAN optimisation, and security devices with a single solution that is application-aware, offers automatic WAN path control and multi-broadband support. It improves application performance, reduces WAN Operating expenses and minimises management complexity. 

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( FortiGate-VM )

FortiGate-VM is a full-featured FortiGate packaged as a virtual appliance. FortiGate-VM virtual appliance is ideal for monitoring and enforcing virtual traffic on leading virtualization, cloud, and SDN platforms. FortiGate-VM can be orchestrated in software-defined environments to provide agile and elastic network security services to virtual workloads.

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Fortinet’s high-performance FortiGate firewalls provide:
– Consolidated, advanced security and deep visibility that protects the network from known and unknown threats.
– Purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance including encrypted traffic.
– Reduced complexity through automated visibility into applications, users and network.
– Security ratings to adopt security best practices.

Complementary products that can be deployed with FortiGate to enable a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure include:

Security Management appliances allow you to centrally manage any number of Fortinet Network Security devices.

This allows you to better control your network by:
– logically grouping devices into administrative domains (ADOMs)
– efficiently applying policies
– distributing content security/firmware updates.

FortiManager is one of several versatile Network Security Management Products that provide a diversity of deployment types, growth flexibility, advanced customisation through APIs and simple licensing all through central management and configuration.

Fortinet FortiAnalyzer securely aggregates log data from Fortinet devices and other syslog-compatible devices.

Using a comprehensive suite of easily-customized reports, users can filter and review records, including traffic, event, virus, attack, Web content, and email data, mining the data to determine your security stance and assure regulatory compliance.

FortiAnalyzer is one of several versatile Fortinet Management Products that provide a diversity of deployment types, growth flexibility, advanced customization through APIs and simple licensing.


Wireless Communications engineers will collaborate with you to discuss which FortiGate model meets your business needs. We deploy and install any required hardware as well as providing you with monitoring and management support to promptly remedy any issues or concerns.
Contact us today to discuss your FORTINET options … Act now for a secure tomorrow!

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