Data Networks

We design high quality Data Network Solutions to best suit YOUR NEEDS & YOUR BUDGET

As a Telstra Channel Partner, we offer a suite of Telstra’s cutting-edge Data Network services.

This provides us the perfect platform to create Network Solutions that are…


Not only are we able offer the most up-to-date networking technologies from Telstra, but…

We can easily integrate with your existing networking services too!

Some features we utilise

Telstra Next IP

This intelligent IP network uses the latest technology to support a huge range of convergent applications and services by combining the flexibility of the internet, assured security and reliable network performance

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SD-WAN (Software Defined- Wide Are Network) delivers networking capabilities that maximise WAN efficient without compromising security. SD-WAN provides you with control and visibility to you network & application traffic.

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We use an innovative self-serve platform so you can pick and choose the solutions that work for your organisation, pay for what you use, and scale as required without physically provisioning more infrastructure.

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Express Routing

Cross Connect & Cloud Gateway

These services allows private connections that do not go over the public Internet aiming to offer seamless,one-stop solution that you can scale as your business needs change and your business grows.

To help facilitate additional robustness & efficiency within our Data Network Solutions, we utilise various leading vendors…

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