Wireless Communications – South Australia’s first certified Secure SD-WAN specialists

Wireless Communications 

South Australia’s first certified Secure SD-WAN specialists

Today, many Australian businesses are adapting their network to leverage cloud-based services. In line with these changes, the conversation of WAN deployment has moved away from MPLS to SD-WAN deployments to take advantage of high bandwidth links and application prioritisation.

Wireless Communications have assisted many customers with their migration to SD WAN by understanding the customer’s links, their high priority traffic, applications and their cloud environment. By utilising a mixture of resilient private links and high-speed public links, Wireless Communications can improve a customer’s network experience by prioritising application traffic that are critical to the business. However, security must be front of mind when introducing public links into the network. As such, we partnered with Fortinet to deliver Secure SD-WAN via Fortigate routers with Next Generation Firewall security, advanced routing, WAN optimisation capabilities and security driven networking in a unified platform. Secure SD-WAN provides all the functionality of a traditional SD-WAN solution, combined with the full stack of security that such connections require.

Earlier this year, Fortinet released the Engage program for their partners to provide a specialisation pathway. With a proven history of Fortinet solutions delivering complex deployments, Wireless Communications obtained the Fortinet Expert designation. Led by Trent White, ICT Specialist at Wireless Communications, our team has completed the Secure SD-WAN Specialization certification by completing both the technical and sales exams. Wireless Communications is committed to Fortinet Secure SD-WAN, believing this is the best solution for our customers requiring a SD-WAN deployment. We have further invested in the relationship with Fortinet by taking advantage of the tailored training and certifications, making them available to all our staff.

Wireless Communications is the first Fortinet Certified Secure SD-WAN specialist in South Australia. With this certification in place, this will provide further assurance to our customers that our Secure SD-WAN solutions are delivered by a qualified team of experts.

Wireless Communications can assist you with both Secure SD-WAN deployments and reviews on existing SD-WAN deployments to ensure best security practices have been considered.

If you wish to learn more about SD-WAN, contact Wireless Communications or view our informative PDF below.

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