What is ‘The Cloud’?

the cloud

What is ‘The Cloud’?

Is it condensed water vapour floating high above us? Is it just a trendy tech thing? Is it safe?

‘The Cloud’.

It’s possibly the most talked about but least understood technological advancement of this century.

But ‘the Cloud’ is a safe, affordable, reliable and fast offsite data storage solution revolutionising the way we do business.

What is ‘the Cloud’?

Despite its name, ‘the Cloud’ isn’t mist floating above us in the atmosphere, it is actual physical infrastructure.

Most people in business will be familiar with the concept of storing data on a Server (or a hard drive or USB – on a smaller scale) often physically located in the same building as the business itself. ‘The Cloud’ is similar, but scalable, more secure and fast.

Put simply, it is offsite data storage, completely managed by a third party.

In a physical sense, ‘the Cloud’ is many computers located in warehouses across the world, connected through super-fast fibre optics for back-up and robustness.

What are the benefits?

The Cloud is an affordable business IT solution that can easily and immediately scale up or down based on business need.

You use it without having to “own” it. Because it is a subscription service, businesses only pay for what they actually use. This also means there’s no investment in expensive hardware like servers which depreciate, break down and require maintenance and replacement over time.

The Cloud is far more robust and secure than the average business network but it is automatically updated to the newest and latest technology and software protection – without you having to lift a finger. Cloud platforms can utilise economies of scale to invest heavily into security systems.

By far the greatest benefit of the Cloud is the ability to be connected to access your information anywhere and on any device – making it perfect for an organisation with multiple sites or with traveling and remote workers.

And the ability to increase or decrease your Cloud usage easily and quickly makes for nimble business decisions that are efficient and responsive to changing needs without the burden of oversized, undersized or out-dated physical infrastructure.

Is it secure?

Chances are, you already use the Cloud every day without even realising –email, internet banking and social media. And for most of us we’re okay with that information being accessed, stored or moved in that way.

It’s understandable though, that some people may feel scared at the thought of sensitive or confidential information being managed somewhere we can’t see it, by people we don’t know. It’s different to a server located in the same building.

But, think of it like money under a mattress. These days, most of us don’t store money under a mattress for safe keeping any more. We understand it’s safer kept offsite, managed by people we don’t know. And we appreciate the convenience of the infrastructure in place that allows us to access what we need, when we need it.

And so it is with ‘the Cloud’. All data is stored and backed-up right here in Australia, and cannot be accessed by any other user. The infrastructure in place allows you to securely access your information when you need it. The servers have multiple back ups for redundancy so if one centre goes down the information is accessible via another site. All information is automatically backed up through fibre networks that offer multi-levels of redundancy.

Transferring to a Cloud solution also means your business is absolved of the risks traditionally associated with an on-site Server – like (god forbid) theft, fire, flood, breakdown or blow up. If your Server was in the Cloud and your office was burnt to the ground, you could purchase a new laptop and be back up and running within the same day.

And Wireless Communications customers have access to professional technical support.

The closing argument

‘The Cloud’ is a scalable, future-proof solution that frees you up from internal operational running costs and security and down-time risks.

And with data use and output growing exponentially (we will likely see more data captured in the next month than in the whole of last year), in the very near future, businesses will not physically be able to manage all of the data coming at them and from them. Unless they are on ‘the Cloud’.


About us

At Wireless Communications, we work end-to-end with our customers to find tailored ICT solutions that best suit their business needs. Our customers range from small plumbing businesses to highly data sensitive organisations.

We offer a Hybrid Cloud service that allows you to put a selection of existing IT infrastructure (storage and email) in the cloud while the remainder lives onsite. This allows you to enjoy the costs savings and benefits of cloud computing where it makes sense.

As a South Australian locally-owned and operated business, with global reach, we understand that when it comes to business communications, it’s important you get the right technology and advice upfront, with local ongoing support.

We consider all aspects of your business operations before making a professional recommendation.