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CYBER SECURITY “Hackers hone their skills while consumers remain complacent” -Symantec, November 2016 press release. What is Cyber Security? Cyber Security is the practice of protecting systems, networks and programs from cyber threats. Why is Cyber Security important? While the digital era offers enormous opportunity for all of us, this increased connectivity is accompanied by greater exposure to cybercriminal activity. Due to our nation’s relative wealth and high use of technology, Australia is an attractive…
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Five Hacks Your Business Needs to Know About

  Cloud computing and the Internet of Things are a magnificent leap for mankind and are set to be the future of the Internet as more manufacturers, business and enterprises are adopting these technologies. The ability to be connected and to make our lives easier and faster utilising the Internet of Things, combined with the processing power and the storage capacity of the cloud lends our future a considerable degree of possibility. And with data…
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Is NBN Right For Your Business?

Is South Australian NBN Right for Your Business?

  The National Broadband Network (NBN) is one of the most advanced and expensive technical projects in Australian history – but is it the best option for your business? We’ve broken down the NBN facts to help you understand what is happening, why it’s happening and whether it will help you. So, first things first, what is the NBN? Simply put, the NBN is about providing all Australian homes and businesses with access to high-speed…
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Christmas Gift Ideas For Tech Heads

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas for that tech-savvy guy or gal in your life? You know the person we’re talking about. They’re the ones sporting the latest model iPhone paired with the matching watch that does everything except the wash the dishes. Connected to multiple other devices (think iPad, Macbook) and all backed up to the most impressive (and complex looking) home office computer and entertainment system you’ve ever laid eyes on. They’re…
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The Wireless Communications Team

Telstra Business Partner of the Year 2016: Wireless Communications

Telstra Business Partner of the Year 2016: Wireless Communications Wireless Communications has been named the 2016 Telstra Business Partner of the Year nationally, in recognition of their approach to expert, tailored ICT solutions for business. Wireless Communications, based in Adelaide, South Australia, was named ahead of telecommunications businesses right around Australia, an achievement General Manager Nathan Freeman says reinforces their approach to customer-centred service. “This award gives us the confidence that we are doing all…
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