‘Instant analytics, insights and control of your network, all in one easy-to-use dashboard.’


Sinefa is a network traffic visibility tool that shows you exactly what is running over the Wide Area Data Network and the Internet.

It’s been found that network performance issues arise from the way in which the network is being used rather than the technology itself. In other words, network traffic is the problem, not networks.

Sinefa gives you complete visibility of network traffic. You can see, in real-time and historically, which applications are consuming the most bandwidth, allowing you to make objective, fact-based decisions and apply real-time traffic shaping to control your network.

Sinefa enables you to deliver the network performance and security your customers expect, maintaining SLAs, ensuring consistent performance, tuned to the specific needs of your customers. As a result, this generates loyalty and helps create competitive advantage for your business.


Wireless Communications engineers will configure and install the device.

We seamlessly collaborate with your organisation to provide support and understanding for effective and efficient use of Sinefa.

Wireless Communications engineers are also there to assist you promptly to remedy any issues or concerns.

Equipped with multiple bridge pairs and ethernet bypass, the probe can monitor multiple physical paths and ensure the network is uninterrupted in the event of hardware failure.

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