telstra forms

Telstra Forms

We have streamlined our support services by providing all Telstra forms in pdf format to download for completion below.

Please download and complete to the best of your ability. Please return by scan or fax and we will advise you via return email if there are any fields missing.

It’s important that with the ‘Transfer of Ownership’ & ‘Change of Lessee’ form it is supported with a company letter head stating the intention of the company for this to be processed and approved


pdf downloadInbound Services Application Form

pdf downloadBusiness Authority – Switch to Telstra

pdf downloadCDR Live Report Approval

pdf downloadChange of Ownership Business to Business

pdf downloadChange of Ownership Business to Consumer

pdf downloadChange of Ownership Consumer to Business

pdf downloadInbound Services Adds, Moves and Changes

pdf downloadInternational Data Packs

pdf downloadNew ISDN 2 Lines

pdf downloadNew ISDN10-20-30 Lines

pdf downloadNew PTSN Lines

pdf downloadPort Authority Form

pdf downloadTelstra 1800-1300 Porting Form

pdf downloadTelstra Fixed Line Porting Form