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Step 1 - Please provide a copy of the proof of purchase where possible and ensure you keep a copy for your records. Email:

Step 2 -If you DO NOT have a copy of your proof of purchase, please indicate in the space below, and we will conduct a search for your IMEI number in our system.

Step 3 – Be aware that 'Liquid Ingression' or 'Physical Damage' on a warranty repair will incur a $45 assessment fee by the Telstra National Repair Centre and charged to the applicable mobile service on your bill provided in the mandatory field above. All units found with 'Liquid Ingression' or 'Physical Damage' are returned to Wireless Communications unrepaired. The unit is then sent for a non-warranty quote free or charge.

Step 4 - If you are requesting a loan phone, please complete a loan phone request form.

Step 5 - Contact your Wireless Communications representative for collection or send the unit direct to:

Wireless Communications Pty Ltd
66 Greenhill Road

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